Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Sustainable term in Engineering context

The term sustainable in engineering context refers to the way to minimize the adverse effects to the environment caused by the development activities in order to upgrade the living standards in relation with the social, economy, and ecology. The developments implemented by the local authorities are depends on the increasing of the population numbers are living in those areas. As we can see in Malaysia itself, a lot of construction projects are in progress everywhere especially in town areas in order to fulfil the demands. When a project is proposed to be implemented in a particular place, a lot of considerations need to be taken into account. This is the time that the engineers have to play the main role to keep the sustainable environment because the characteristics should have in an engineer is a decision maker, problem solver, and so on.

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Drainage construction process.

Back to the main issue, the sustainable management became a critical problem when the Earths keep changing naturally and artificially. These are the challenges to the next engineers where they have to have a wide knowledge and good understanding of scientific and technical matters. As a future engineer we should have the high inquisitive behavior to learn more regarding environmental issues whether through the natural disasters or from the reading materials related to the science phenomenon and current technologies. On the other hand, the sustainable engineering curricular and teaching method become a crucial part to develop a future engineer's thought. This curricular is very important to the engineering students worldwide to develop the critical thinking skill in order to solve the global environmental issues. 

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