Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Green Building - The Effects of Urbanization Processes versus the Advanced Construction Materials and Technology

Green building can be defined as the selection of suitable building materials which involved some basic principles of science.

The effects of building construction processes to the environment caused by the emission of Green House Gases (GHGs). The production of steel contributed about 3% of air pollution and 5% from concrete making. That is the reason why we need to adapt the green building technology in order to overcome the global warming issue.

In the United States (US), there are several factors that contribute large amount of Carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted to the atmosphere. There are 47% from buildings, 33% from transportation, and 19% from industry. It means that, the major contribution of climate changes is urbanization processes including deforestation, land excavation, water pollution from human activities that disturbed land and etc.

Green building technology can be adapted by planting the trees around the development area and using green building products as construction materials. The plants will increase the level of Oxygen (O2), hence increase air quality, decrease the amount of Carbon dioxide (CO2), hence provide more cooling effect as the moisture content increased, and increase health quality and productivity.

In conclusion, the building construction or urbanization processes to develop an area will causes the effects to the environment as well as global warming and climate changes due to the emission of Green House Gases (GHGs) to the air. As a result, people are suffering from many kinds of chronic diseases that caused by pollution and this situation requires the advanced technology known as green building to overcome those problems as well as to green back the Earth so that the next generations will experience the better quality of life such what the young Engineers thought and planning to do so.


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